3 Poems

3 Poems by Meghan DePonceau for Suspect Press Issue 17: including Stuffed, I Woke Up on the Floor in Cleveland, and FU#3 (Back Again).


Albatross by RJ Walker for Suspect Press Issue 16. *For anybody else that has been bullied or abused and considered violence: OK, so Albatross is perched outside my window…

Body Loves to Gamble

Body Loves to Gamble by Ayla Sullivan for Suspect Press Issue 15. body makes wager with mirror “if I’m not afraid of you by the end of the day, I’ll stop hiding you behind love notes the Internet said would help.”


Doors by Jesse Parent for Suspect Press Issue 15. My daughter tells me she wants to date and I shrug. She tells me the name of her girlfriend and I shrug again.

Dear, Wakanda

Dear, Wakanda by Theo “Lucifury” Wilson for Suspect Press Issue 15. This poem is entitled, “Why I’m naming my daughter Wakanda.” Or, “Is it possible to have a vibranium boner? Thank you Lupita N’Yongo!”