When She Leaves

By Rebecca Hannigan   There’s this skirt I always used to wear and sometimes still wear which sits all folded up in a tidy square in the bottom of my …


Dream by Mathias Svalina for Suspect Press Issue 17: You are a lawyer & arguing in front of the Supreme Court. Your argument is subtle yet muscular…

Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction by Brian Polk in Issue 17 of Suspect Press: Now that the dogs have made it to a safe place and all the humans have been accounted for, there isn’t much else to do…

Drier Every Day

Drier Every Day by Rebecca Hannigan for Suspect Press Issue 14. We have water, but not much. My daughter takes it straight from the toilet. My husband can’t stay away from the storm drain.

Creamsicle Lipstick

Creamsicle Lipstick by Amanda E.K. for Suspect Press Issue 14. Ms. Waters’ Private Visitor She waits for me after class under the pretext of tutoring. I tutor her in ways not academic.