photo by Christopher R. Perez


Winter/2020 Letter From the Editor – Brice Mauirro

Winter/2020 Letters to the Editor


Spooky Action at a Distance by Jesse Livingston


Triplets by Berta Vallo

Cheap Shot by Fred Stonehouse

Vine Eyes by Sandi Calistro

Tarot Priest by Mild_Hentai


Series in Cerise: Vignettes on Menses by Various Authors

Awakening Our Sexual Exploration: A Conversation With Local Sex Shop Owners by Amanda E.K.

How to Get Paid: Tools You Can Use Today by Paul Bindel

Business Resources for Creative Entrepreneurs by Paul Bindel


To The Body That No Longer Feels Sexual by Erica Hoffmeister

Dharma Cums by Matthew Clifford

Fucking Flowers by Jane Ripley


Excerpt from “The Cats of Ostia Antica” by Julian Brier

Babelord by Lonnie MF Allen & Babelord