#24 Letter From the Editor

#24 Letters to the Editor


Hello, Father Ernie by Josiah Hesse

Creation of God by Shimma Ali


Black Paint by Loria Carnefix

6th Level of Hell by Sarah Gilstrap

La Femme Damnée (1859) by Nicolas Francois Octave Tassaert

Alice by Laura Ellstrom

Soul Fire! by Dymond Starr


Building Our Own Safety Nets by Paul Bindel


a poem in which the word “fingernails” is replaced by “gender” by Nico Wilkinson

Collected Selfies From the Puddles by Adrian H Molina

Human Resources by Eric Raanan Fischman


The Autopsy of Jason Voorhees’ Injuries by Jake Fairly and Josiah Hesse

Excerpt From “Tomorrow Forever” by Josh Bayer

Denver Secrets as told to Cori Redford

Harmony Island by Elliott Wyatt