#23 Letter From the Editor

#23 Letters to the Editor


WTF!!! (in red) by Roseanna Frechette


Strategy by Erica Keeling

He Was Impressed by Arna Miller

Double by Kelsi Jo Silva

Traditions by Douglas Spencer

David and Jonathan circa 1505-10 by Giovanni Battista Cima da Conegliano


Can The DIY Roots of Rhinceropolis Survive Its Bureaucratic Renovations? by Josiah Hesse

It Goes By So Fast by Eliza Beth Whittington

Fold and Staple: The History and Legacy of the Denver Zine Library by Kelly Shortandqueer

How Do Artists Develop New Products and Services? by Paul Bindel


Dualistic Tendencies by Adrian H Molina

Cuerpo by Liza Sparks


An Excerpt from the Comic Book Series “Chrome Seoul” by Lonnie MF Allen

Trans Potty by Dylan Edwards