Letter from the Editor by Amanda E.K.

Letters to the Editor


Bathroom Graffiti Beau from the upcoming memoir, Glory Guitars by Gogo Germaine

Cities of the Future by A.C. Koch


Burn it Down by Mehria Wiese

Fight Femme by Dailen Ogden

Aquarius on Her Throne by Sarah Gilstrap

Re-Arted IV by Joshua Finley


Making Art, Making Money: Wrestling with the Market in New Denver by Paul Bindel


A Whole Ball of Whoops by Charly Fasano

Option of Violence by Adrian H Molina


It Starts with a Seed by Morgan Beem

The True Adventures of Natalie Barney, an Amazon in Paris by Sofie Birkin

An Excerpt from the MF Ruckus Comic Book, The Front Lines of Good Times, Ch. 2 by Aaron Howell and Jake Fairly

Marta by Mar Williams, Christina Procter, and Josiah Hesse