Option of Violence

By Adrian H Molina There is always the option of violence disturbing the rehearsed silence of goth gold churches                                                                               wake us all sleeping age of memes                                                                              gaming fucking with fangs …


By Brice Maiurro   Boulder’s not racist. Boulder has a black friend. Boulder has skyscrapers, you just can’t see them. They’re well-hidden, the fifty story high rises that people put …


By Kate Levin   Bring me the bowl so I can spit: wild venom, woman at the stake, sweet kindling. Hard hands, all that wind. I think about my grandmother, …

Our Jewish Bodies

Our Jewish Bodies by Elisabeth Bialosky for Suspect Press Spring Issue 18: You carried me through the long days and nights Of a hot Atlanta summer As I sat in the back of an Uber with you Crying Because I didn’t know where we were


revelations by John Reinhart for Suspect Press Spring Issue 18: I’m busy
writing a manifesto for the second coming and, Jesus Christ,it’s too dramatic –

America – Ginsberg Tribute

America – Ginsberg Tribute by ElizaBeth Whittington for Suspect Press Spring Issue 18: America, why can’t you sleep? Maybe you can call in a favor from the pharmaceutical companies. (I’m kidding, of course, you can’t pay those premiums)


Untitled poem by Damian Taggart for Suspect Press Spring Issue 18: In a rush To solidify our posture We built gas lamps and horseless carriages

Ex Beauty Queen’s Birthday Party

Ex Beauty Queen’s Birthday Party by Charly Fasano for Suspect Press Spring Issue 18: Everyone is waiting for the guest of honor. The birthday party at the senior center is turning into a round table argument about medications and sit and be fit exercises.