Dream by Mathias Svalina for Suspect Press Issue 17: You are a lawyer & arguing in front of the Supreme Court. Your argument is subtle yet muscular…

Pink Tag Discount Day

Pink Tag Discount Day by Charly Fasano for Suspect Press Issue 17: It’s pink tag discount day and mismatched socks are three for a dollar. The thrift store cashier is scanning me like she thinks I am a thief.

Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction by Brian Polk in Issue 17 of Suspect Press: Now that the dogs have made it to a safe place and all the humans have been accounted for, there isn’t much else to do…

3 Poems

3 Poems by Meghan DePonceau for Suspect Press Issue 17: including Stuffed, I Woke Up on the Floor in Cleveland, and FU#3 (Back Again).