Drier Every Day

Drier Every Day by Rebecca Hannigan for Suspect Press Issue 14. We have water, but not much. My daughter takes it straight from the toilet. My husband can’t stay away from the storm drain.

Creamsicle Lipstick

Creamsicle Lipstick by Amanda E.K. for Suspect Press Issue 14. Ms. Waters’ Private Visitor She waits for me after class under the pretext of tutoring. I tutor her in ways not academic.

Eileen of Character

Eileen of Character by Brian Polk for Suspect Press Issue 13. or the last two years, four months and three days, Eileen had kept a thought buried in the back of her mind.


Boilers by Amanda E.K. for Suspect Press Issue 12. The boiler room was loud. It chugged. It hissed. Its pipes slithered out beneath the school like the tentacles…