Diner Diary

By Anya Davidson Anya Davidson is a cartoonist and musician living in Chicago. Her band, Lilac just released their first 7″ on the Minneapolis-based label, 25 Diamonds.

A Spectre’s Tale

By Zak Kinsella Zak Kinsella is a Denver cartoonist and pro wrestling activist. He makes a pretty sweet comic called Outré Veil and has made a lot of tight posters …

The Grand Bargain

By Lonnie MF Allen Lonnie MF Allen has long been a stalwart of Denver’s comix scene. He’s an illustrator, writer, and designer. Lonnie is also the cat-wrangler of Denver Drink …

Beverly (Krancic) Dellasandro

Beverly (Krancic) Dellasandro by Ted Intorcio for Suspect Press Spring Issue 18: E-x-e-m-p-l-a-r-y. Exemplary. Bev once got that word right in a spelling bee. Luckily, she had heard it just the other day when her mother was describing her older sister, Bonnie.