by Lonnie MF Allen & Babelord

Lonnie MF Allen made his start in comics in the ’90s DIY zine culture. Since then, his work has appeared in The WestwordBirdy, and Out Front magazine. He has done comic book writing for Image Comics, and was named one of Westword’s “100 Colorado Creatives.” He has won a DiNKy award for the best Colorado Comic, and was called one of the best cartoonists around by the Denver Post. He regularly illustrates for the Colorado Sun and both illustrates and art directs for Suspect Press. His latest project, Chrome Seoul is a Korean cyberpunk comic book series.

The Babelord Project (affectionately known as Babecorp™) is a fledgling Denver multimedia artist collective. Centered around the music created by Babelord, an alien princess from the planet Galactar, the project hinges on a surrounding narrative told through video, staged productions, milk cartons and whatever else we can get our mitts on. In 2019, Babelord released her first batch of singles and music videos, along with a slew of other narrative video and photos. Babelord continues to pursue her mission of advancing our race through emotional transcendence, in hopes that humans will one day be welcomed into the intergalactic community.

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