Suspect Press Seeking Part-Time Publishing Specialist

Part-Time Publishing Specialist

Pay: $600 a month 

Hours: 10 hrs a week 

Job Description: 

After successfully producing Suspect Press arts & literature magazine for five years, we expanded into book publishing in 2018 following a $125K grant from Meow Wolf. We’ve since released two novels and a poetry collection, building a reputation as the premier voice of underground literature in Colorado. While we’re very proud of the books we’ve published, and the success they’ve seen in the DIY communities of Denver and abroad, we are aiming to expand and streamline the business, marketing, and creative direction of Suspect Press Publishing.   

We’re looking for someone to help us achieve these goals by building strong relationships with bookstores, distributors, writers, designers and patrons—essentially midwifing the transition of Suspect Press from a scrappy upstart to a lucrative, creatively vibrant publishing company. 

While our goals are lofty, you wouldn’t be expected to achieve them on your own. Suspect Press has amassed a number of employees, volunteers and resources in this industry that will be of service in a variety of capacities. This is an opportunity for a motivated young professional looking to gain experience with a growing, successful literature company. 


– Composing a five-year business plan for Suspect Press Publishing

– Getting Suspect Press books into small and large bookstores, libraries, and distributors across the country

– Developing a production timeline, contracts, business plan and marketing strategy for each Suspect Press release

– Working with Amazon, Goodreads, and other online platforms to sell and market Suspect Press books

– Assisting with author bookings for tours and local events

– Coming into Suspect Press office in downtown Denver at least once a month for in-person workday and meetings. (We are open to hiring someone out of town to work remotely, but prefer someone in the city.) 


– One year in the publishing industry

– Proficiency with Google Docs, Google Sheets and/or Excel

– Well read, with an understanding and enthusiasm for Suspect Press’s literary sensibility

– Familiarity with DIY arts culture

-Self-motivated & energetic

– Respectful to all sexual, gender, racial and cultural identities

Submit your resume here. Feel free to attach either a .doc or .pdf file (other formats will not be accepted)

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