Dualistic Tendencies

By Adrian H Molina

Bring me chocolate and herb seeds

and I will plant sunflowers in-between your aching poles

where divinity transforms into monstrosity and

back again.

Bring me royal stargazer lilies to dissolve,

mandarin marigolds to gnaw upon,

ruby red roses to hang upside down—

pretty pictures to cut up into art.

Bring me a sad story and a black heart

that I can alchemize into laughter, making

cascading chains of illusive memory pains,

silently molding fears into sand castles.

Bring me your most guarded, treasured desires.

I will walk your dehydrated imagination to the brinks of reality

where the river banks are flooded daily

with wishes from the living and the dead.

Bring me a dream to eat,

a wall to bend, a wound to lick,

a scar to dissolve, a levee to breech,

and we can lie safely together in the shadows.

I am not a piece of your puzzle. I am

not the fragmented collection of

a story you are constructing. I am

a landscape moment you can escape into.

I cannot give you everything, you say, but I can

offer enough of the moon to satiate you

until it becomes blue again. Can you truly

learn to dissolve your face?

When you look at me, do you

see circles of forever, or merely space

to play with time? Will you come to claim

your gaping hunger at its root?

Adrian H Molina is a wordsmith, time traveler, and shapeshifter, first cousin to jaguars and quetzals native to the “Americas.” He can be spotted in the portals of your imagination. He was recently featured at the Crestone Poetry Festival. He eats money in exchange for creative ideas. Everything is made up, and he knows his worth. Molina is creating new worlds. You can follow his writings and musings within the matrix on IG @MolinaWrites.

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