Option of Violence

By Adrian H Molina

There is always the option of violence

disturbing the rehearsed silence

of goth gold churches                                                                               wake us all

sleeping age of memes                                                                              gaming

fucking with fangs

weeping over staged attacks                                                                     staring

through the barrel of a gun

there is always the option of violence

cuz we crave the kill kill                                                                           low stakes

hazing throwbacks to high school

twilight zone cruelty

with the keep it real robots                                                                       bot bots

cyborg hacks with their whisky neat                                                        steady grazing

on our zeros and ones                                                                                lifting faces

gazing hungry at perfectly timed posts

we face time in space time                                                                         smile for the state

oh facial recognition                                                                                  dear algorithm

tracing lines                                                                                                facing division

for social capital i’m sippin’ rum red

blood red it’s always sexier

partying with the                                                                                        dead

always more fun in these games of                                                             thrones

do it for the gram model bish bladerunners

you look so                                                                                                   fine

it’s all just a mannequin world bust

it’s all just a clone boy girl                                                                           blast

it’s all just a scary trip in                                                                             black clad

fatigues and vice docs and throwback mtvs

sippin’ double bloody maria in boutiques

che photos on sweatshop made

‘anti sweatshop’ tees

copped for twenty five bones                                                                       we fresh as fuck

even cuba y venezuela are dehydrated

from ancient revolutions

young streets seeking futurist                                                                       resolution

time fades

as empire agent orange gears up                                                                    to bomb

social media campaigns hip

to slogans in graffiti bathrooms                                                                     where i piss

there is always the option of violence                                                            death kiss

nobody wants to miss the show

so fuck compromise and collaboration                                                          call out culture

ready to shame and defame

any would be hero

who ain’t hood or activist presenting enough

so tough how we sabotage realistic idealists

who dare to legislate change                                                                            in bermuda

making deals with murder cruise ship sharks

under nuclear ready timelines                                                                         doomsday clocks

second and final option

choose fashionable pride and fascism                                                              safe in

six dollar latte bookclub talks about collapse

burning trees politicking house

partying jolly with molly lighting incense

                                                                                                                           zombie apocalypse.

Adrian H Molina is a wordsmith, time traveler, and shapeshifter, first cousin to jaguars and quetzals native to the “Americas.” He can be spotted in the portals of your imagination. He was recently featured at the Crestone Poetry Festival. He eats money in exchange for creative ideas. Everything is made up, and he knows his worth. Molina is creating new worlds. You can follow his writings and musings within the matrix on IG @MolinaWrites.

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