Whole Ball of Whoops

By Charly Fasano

Sorry I shit your pants.

You look pale

let me buy you a tan.

I want to pretend none of this happened.

I have two bus stops to teach myself string theory

with a grocery list and a golf pencil.

How to fold this moment as

mistakes fold in on me.

How to punish the person

who built the jail.

The people I thought

deserved an apology

don’t even remember me.

But still

with as much eye contact

I can muster

Sorry I shit your pants

going to moon walk out

and forget all this happened.

The what’s what

about what not

the whole ball of whoops.

Charly Fasano is a poet, performer, filmmaker and block printer, as well as a Colorado Creative. Fasano has read his poems and shared the stage with bands like Lucero, Drag the River, Land Lines, and The Queers. He is the founder of Fast Geek Press, Pretend You Can Reab audio zine, and As Well As Magazine. Fasano’s poems have appeared in Yellow Rake, Lubricated Magazine, and others. He has a book of poems called Next Analog Broadcast, and a multimedia book & 7 inch called RETROSPECT/ED featuring the music of Lucero.

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