Winter, An Epilogue

By Adrian H Molina

You will see it again, on another road, at another time, in another state of being, in another dimension. The road will look back at you, and you will remember something about it. Familiar, yet so different. You are not merely dreaming the Dream, you are living it again.

Look squarely in the face of Death to taste your freedom. Drink the darkness of her obsidian eyes. She will allow you to taste her. Leap to get your heart broken, so you can leap again. Be ready to watch everything you love fall apart at any moment. Commit to love, knowing it will betray you once you expect too much from it. No fair warning will prepare you for your own storms. Love like the world is watching the greatest story never told. Be ready to close the book lonely in tears, without notice. You will not be alone.

See fallacies in truth. Cultivate honesty embroidered within the black-laced lies you could only tell yourself. Then you will see others more clearly.

Reach for the most certain conclusions, only to be reminded again and again that nothing is conclusive. Set boundaries, and be open to crossing them. Ask people to set boundaries, and know that they too, will cross them. Know when it is time to hold firm to your convictions. Follow through. There is a universe within someone who deserves your authenticity. Know that no one will ever do anything that you, yourself, wouldn’t do. Know that your mirrors will do everything you have always dreamed of doing, given the opportunity. Be aware of the doors you open. Be fair. Expect to have returned all that you emit.

Be at peace with all that is possible. Be honest about the limitations of your beliefs. Love, and forgive loved ones who bring sledgehammers to your principles. Part ways with your own black holes. Release yourself from false acts of love.

Submit to the truth, and stand in pain. Fall on your face. Start over. Proceed. Be content. Break down and apart. Start over. Believe in forever. Be prepared to do the same again when you die. You are merely matter, this is why you know life. This is why you fear the end, because you know the path, the beginning. It never gets easier, only more livable when you give your gifts. This is your liberation. You were born free. You will die free. There is nothing to fear. 

So be present. Share joy with those who walk with you. You may float with them one day in vibrant fields void of gravity, or on a planet you co-populate with dreamscapes. And if they fall to the tides, fear not their forgetting. Hold only to what is true, and keep loving with the wild and unyielding force of spring. There is always                                                                                    

                                           to remember,

                                                                                                     and Decembers
                                                                                                     for leaving—


to a life worth living.


By Winter X, MO SPKX


Adrian H Molina is a master of ceremonies. He is an artist, writer, poet, professor, community facilitator, and creative consultant for a better world. As a writer, he balances grit, imagination, indigenous consciousness, dreamscapes and indignation for injustice. Adrian is an honoree of the Lalo Delgado Poetry Festival. He has served as a Live Poetic Scribe for dozens of events throughout Colorado. He gives half his professional time to the next generation, including arts education work with Lighthouse Writers, Think 360 Arts and Youth on Record. He is embarking on new journeys as a lover, father, creative and dreamer. .

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