Treat Me Like You Treat The Earth

By ElizaBeth Whittington


I want you to stake me
Claim me
Stick your drill deep into me
Horizontally Frack me
Spew your poisoned water into me
Spill my deepest lubricant upon me
Then call me ugly.

I want you to mine me
Explode all over me
Mushroom cloud my head
With ideas of decency
Strip me
Of every
Plant, tree and species
Pave over me
Then call me pretty.

I want you to plow me
Plant me, poison me,
Mono-culture and enslave me
Steal my young before they’ve gone to seed…
Then call me ugly.

I want you to buy me,
Sell me,
Then lease me.
Fraction me, allocate me,
Divide and conquer me
Then call me ugly.



ElizaBeth Whittington has been in the Denver poetry scene for the past ten years, frequenting open mics and hosting music and poetry events. They currently host a showcase for local musicians and poets at Park Hill Hub. They self-published a chapbook titled “Poetry for People” in 2015 and are currently editing a poetry manuscript. They’ve been featured at Denver Poets Day, The Podeo, and the annual Erotic Poetry Festival. You can find more of their work at:

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1 thought on “Treat Me Like You Treat The Earth

  1. taoismaster

    This person is I an idol… I hope anyone just reads a fraction of their work. It moves me to tears…

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