The Etymological History of The Epithet "Gook"

By Lonnie MF Allen and Zak Kinsella




Lonnie MF Allen found his comic-art stride as a high-schooler dabbling in zines and mini-comics, eventually coming up through the ranks in the local comix scene, where he’s long been a regular among Denver’s close-knit cartooning community. An oft-published illustrator, writer and designer in addition to his niche as an award-winning cartoonist, and named one of Westword’s 100 Colorado Creatives, Allen is an organizer for the Denver Drink & Draw meet-up. His work has been published by Dark Horse, Image Comics, and he’s been nominated for an Eisner Award. Find him at
Zak Kinsella is a Denver cartoonist, and pro wrestling activist. He makes a pretty sweet comic called Outré Veil and has made a lot of tight posters for stand up comedy events. At different times in his life he has seen spooky ghosts, and UFOs…but not one Bigfoot. He does not believe the Earth is flat.

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