3 Poems

By Meghan DePonceau



I’ve loved every man who has ever been inside me
While he was inside me.
To be fair,
Filling outside of the doughnut
Filling, just sitting there, isn’t as appetizing.


I Woke Up on the Floor in Cleveland

Fully dressed
Not one article of clothing belonged to me.
Hungover, I panhandled the $16 for a bus ride home
And if I never find out how I got to Cleveland that night
I will die happy.


FU#3 (Back Again)

Getting back with your ex
Is a lot like buying your old dress back from the Good Will
I’ve done both,
You tell yourself there might be $20 in the pocket
Instead, you just find a dirty kleenex.



Meghan left behind her previous careers (as both a ruthless bookie, and the only knight to pull Excalibur from the stone reenactor) to pursue hooch-slinging and giggle-making, and to take on the role as Chief of Butts at 5280Comedy.com. She hosts/produces unCORKED, a monthly comedy show first Wednesdays at Infinite Monkey Theorem. Check out her bad dick jokes on Twitter @MeghanIsAJoke

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