The boy king philosophizes to his Nintendo

By Ken Arkind


“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche


The corners of my lover’s mouth lift and curl like the ends of whips,
she says she loves me and I swear I hear a crack.

Her lips feel like bayonets grazing my skin.

I do not trust my own reflection unless the mirror is cracked.
I do not believe my own tongue unless it is trying to choke me.

Every toaster is a cliff diver in the bathtub of my trust,
every apple is poisoned.

All the open palms are bear traps,
mouths agape,
salivating at my trusting nature.

My life is a series of side eyes and near misses.

My friends are campfires,
Dancing, in love with their own light.
I am a tree

in the forest.
I cannot touch any of them.
I do not see
I am full of flame



Ken Arkind is an American National Poetry Slam Champion, Tedx Speaker and published author who has performed his work in 49 States, 6 countries and at over 200 colleges and universities. He is the founding Program Director of Denver Minor Disturbance, an independent literary arts organization dedicated to helping Colorado youth find voice through the mediums of poetry and performance. Ken is the author of Denver, and Coyotes.

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