Solo Salon

By Kevin Mohatt Kevin Mohatt is an international award-winning photographer based in Denver, Colorado specializing in editorial photography. He loves photographing people in real situations, with an emphasis on capturing …

Our Lady of the Sciences

By Ancient.Future // Jacqueline Sophia Cordova         Ancient Future’s creative work is, ultimately, channeled work. She expresses through many mediums including visual art, costume and fashion, poetry, …


By Sarah Gilstrap         Sarah Gilstrap has been an artist for as long as she can remember. Enamored by the otherworldly & the mystical, her works depict …

Ex Beauty Queen’s Birthday Party

Ex Beauty Queen’s Birthday Party by Charly Fasano for Suspect Press Spring Issue 18: Everyone is waiting for the guest of honor. The birthday party at the senior center is turning into a round table argument about medications and sit and be fit exercises.

Pink Tag Discount Day

Pink Tag Discount Day by Charly Fasano for Suspect Press Issue 17: It’s pink tag discount day and mismatched socks are three for a dollar. The thrift store cashier is scanning me like she thinks I am a thief.