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Album Review: Ancient Elk – Self Titled

  Ancient Elk Ancient Elk by Josiah Hesse   After being teased with a string of hypnotic live shows and a killer EP, the wait is finally over: Ancient Elk’s full-length debut album has finally arrived. Blending sixties psych-pop, country-rock and post-war jazz, Ancient Elk is a cozy, mid-tempo record that strikes a delicate balance… Continue reading Album Review: Ancient Elk – Self Titled

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Comic by Lonnie MF Allen

    Lonnie MF Allen found his comic-art stride as a high-schooler dabbling in zines and mini-comics, eventually coming up through the ranks in the local comix scene, where he’s long been a regular among Denver’s close-knit cartooning community. An oft-published illustrator, writer and designer in addition to his niche as an award-winning cartoonist, and named one of… Continue reading Comic by Lonnie MF Allen

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30 Miles of Crazy No. 189

    Award-winning cartoonist Karl Christian Krumpholz’s work has appeared in many different publications and even a documentary. He is currently working on two weekly comics: The Denver Bootleg, which examines local musical history for Denver’s Westword, and 30 Miles of Crazy! – the true-ish tales of the various lives in the city. Karl is always looking… Continue reading 30 Miles of Crazy No. 189

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Charles Manson Listens to the White Album

  Jake Fairly oozed forth upon the Denver comics scene from the catacombs of the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Be it comics about Neil Armstrong’s corpse, or generally being metal AF, Jake is a guy with considerably hefty night moves. He’s had work published in periodicals such as Westword and the Denver… Continue reading Charles Manson Listens to the White Album