1. Optimized lot configurations have eliminated a significant amount of grass that would be demanding precious water, herbicides, and fussing time.

  2. Windows, porches, and yards of adjoining condos are in close proximity to one another, promising the inevitable dogs within more opportunities to make doggie friends during tenants’ long work hours.

  3. Swarms of brunch-drunk bodies on rooftop decks act as a sort of living roof, reducing the urban heat island effect.

  4. Constant reminders of our own cultural insignificance could help to condition away our fear of death and obsolescence, allowing us to live more carefree, adventurous lives.  

  5. There's so much rebranding happening right now.

  6. It's far easier to ignore the unpleasantness of homelessness, food deserts, and income inequality when we don't have to look at that shit ever.

  7. Options for inane conversations to have with your barista are no longer limited to Spring blizzards, football, or how many college degrees your barista has. Now, we can discuss how ridiculous rent is, what we pay for rent, what our friends’ friends pay for rent, and the inevitability of relocating to Aurora or maybe even some piece of Nebraska farmland that the US Government has been trying in vain to give away since the early 1860s.

  8. Construction zones, blown out streets, and sprouted new neighborhoods are offering exciting new exercises in navigation, undoubtedly resulting in more agile mental reflexes.

  9. It's more exciting to find a cultural treasure when you have to search high and low for it.

  10. Fewer sumac trees.