Issue 18

Cover by Marie Conigliaro


Memo Regarding the Muses by Nicholai Roscoe


Barbie Montage 6 by Sarah Haney

11th and Marion by Karl Christian Krumpholz

Vader and Libo by Neil Ewing

Meow Wolf x Suspect Press Exquisite Corpse


Teenage Letters to My Future Husband by Amanda E.K.

A Memorial to Colin Ward, From a Fan by Josiah Hesse

Book Review by Cory Casciato: Strange Stars


Our Jewish Bodies by Elisabeth Bialosky

Untitled by Damian Taggart

America – Ginsberg Tribute by ElizaBeth Whittington

Revelations by John Reinhart

Ex Beauty Queen’s Birthday Party by Charly Fasano


Pop Culture Penises by Cori Redford

Boeuf Bourgeoisie by Melanie Gillman

Beverly (Krancic) Dellasandro by Ted Intorcio

A Brief History of Patrick Nagel by Lonnie MF Allen