Issue 17

Cover by Jake Fairly


Flash Fiction by Brian Polk

Dream by Mathias Svalina


Witches Going To Their Sabbath by Luis Ricardo Falero

Hot Doggy Style by Douglas Spencer

Typewriters by Charly Fasano

Lie, Lie My Donald by Scorpio Steele

Andy Warhol Mountain Man by Mark Sink


Consent Means What, Now? by Amanda E.K.

Comedy Will Kill You Too by Christie Buchele

Interview with Westword’s Patricia Calhoun by Amanda E.K.

Film Review: JonBenet’s Tricycle by Cory Casciato


We Pay Cash for Houses by Suzi Q. Smith

Treat Me Like You Treat The Earth by ElizaBeth Whittington

3 Poems by Meghan DePonceau

Pink Tag Discount Day by Charly Fasano


Mark Twain Lecture on Artemus Ward by Noah Van Sciver

The Etymological History of the Epithet, “Gook” by Lonnie MF Allen & Zak Kinsella

The Old Lions by Karl Christian Krumpholz

Woman on the Street by Cori Redford