Issue 15

Cover by Gemma Danielle


Sophelia, Immortalized by Amanda E.K.

Death Arrangements by Mike Fehrenbacher


Photo by Sarah Rose

Setting the Charge by Tom Sarmo


Interview: R. Alan Brooks – The Burning Metronome by Lonnie MF Allen


For Water Women (the Black bodies that find the river) by Alyesha Wise 

body loves to gamble by Ayla Sullivan

Fingertips by Charly “City Mouse” Fasano

Doors by Jesse Parent

The boy king philosophizes to his Nintendo by Ken Arkind

There are bombs over Gaza again are you watching? by Mohamed Hassan

Dear, Wakanda by Theo “Lucifury” Wilson

Ethnic Studies by Toluwanimi Obiwole

Of all the things you regret, don’t let this be one.. by Will Boyd


Charles Manson Listens to the White Album by Jake Fairly & Josiah Hesse

Comic by Lonnie MF Allen

from Cosmic BE-ing by Alex Graham

30 Miles of Crazy #189 by Karl Christian Krumpholz