Issue 14

Cover by John “RUMTUM” Hastings


Creamsicle Lipstick by Amanda E.K.

Drier Every Day by Rebecca Hannigan

Touhy Avenue Motors by Jim Salvator

Carnality 2: Sebastian Phoenix and the Dark Star (Chap 1) by Josiah Hesse


Trump Keene Illustration by Aleister Gilgrim

Photo by Taylor Boylston


Album Review: Pueblo Escobar – Self Titled

Album Review: Natalie Tate – Broken Open


The Blizzard by Elijah

Here Comes Tony by Jef Otte

2 Poems by Meghan DePonceau

How I Kung Fu by Charly “City Mouse” Fasano


30 Miles of Crazy No. 172 by Karl Christian Krumpholz 

Comic by Noah Van Sciver

from Delineate by Lonnie MF Allen

Comic by Leo Quievreux