Issue 13

Cover by Douglas Spencer


The Man Who Loved a Lamp by Amanda E.K.

Eileen of Character by Brian Polk


What It’s Like for a Girl by Jacqueline Sophia Cordova


Three Women on Trump: Grief 

Three Women on Trump: Cynicism

Three Women on Trump: Hope

At Home with a Ghost: Watching Harry Nilsson’s Voice Die by Sarah Kernochan

Cold Crushed: Why We Can’t Lose Denver’s Premier Hip Hop Club by Ru Johnson

Album Review: Ned Garthe Explosion – Flashlight Tan

Album Review: Joe Sampson – Chansons de Parade


Future Visions by Aleeya Wilson

To the Woman Who Has Become My Daughter’s Stepmother by Jessica Helen Lopez


Soapy Smith by Karl Christian Krumpholz

from Delineate by Lonnie MF Allen