men want men ask

peering through the dressing room door

what goes on in there?

I’d pay a lot to see

what goes on in there


we whisper lesbian fantasies

shaving each other’s pussies

snorting cocaine off our bodies

wild orgies on the liquor sticky stairs


the truth is we eat

complain about blisters

does anyone have a tampon?

wipe away fingerprints that smell like garlic and stale beer

Does anyone have any baby wipes?

the air is heavy

with cheap perfume and second-hand politics

Babe, can I borrow some hairspray?


someone is crying someone’s

rolling a joint

complaining they’ve hardly made anything tonight


you can’t get cocaine for

love or money in this city but

there’s plenty else that’s been sweated out

on the liquor sticky stairs

Did you see what Jackie’s wearing?

I swear to god if that cunt steals my customer one more fucking time


on the killing floor

we laugh and

hold our backs straight, we are

drunker dumber hotter wetter


but every night they beg

they want they ask

what goes on in there

what's your day job

what's your real name