I heard a story once about a man

And some friends

Who drive from a small Christian college in Oklahoma

To South Beach for spring break

Dripping with virginity


First things first

They see a sign for a wet t-shirt contest

"Yes please," they say.

What they find is a room full of men, a stage full of women, a line of buckets

The crowd can't decide the winner,

the finalists sets of breasts

were similarly ideal

In an act of selfless humanity

The crowd raises extra cash

so both ladies can take home

First prize.


The man's friends want to go back the next night

To relive the magic

The man says no

Sometimes a butterfly lands in your hand

And it's a beautiful thing

And if you try to hold on

It will die.

Sometimes, you have to let the butterfly go.


This is my first thought

As I stare at your ceiling

Fully awake & clothed

I reach out, feeling for your hand

When I should've been letting go.