Carnality: Dancing on Red Lake

Author: Josiah Hesse

Part historical fiction, part psychological horror, Carnality: Dancing on Red Lake is the first of a six-part series chronicling the malicious mavens and pop-profiteers of America’s Evangelical movement, as remembered by a mentally ill boy who was once the biggest child star of the scene.  

Carnality is available for sale at these Denver retailers: Twist & Shout RecordsKilgore Books and ComicsWax Trax RecordsCity O’ CityLowbrow ArtsFancy Tiger ClothingIronwoodMutiny Information CafeThe Oriental Theater, and BookBar.

If you are not in the Denver area, or would like to read Carnality on your Kindle or iPad, it is available as an ebook on Amazon for only $3.49.

Revolt to What?

Authors: Daniel Landes and Karl Christian Krumpholz

In the newly formed Czech Republic, the early '90s began the era after the Velvet Revolution. Prague was a hot bed of new money and a gathering place for young people with big ideas from around the world. Revolt To What? is the story of what waited for this Eastern Block city when the iron curtain fell. 

A City of Whiskey and Fire

Authors: Daniel Landes and Noah Van Sciver

Set in 19th century Denver, “A City of Whiskey & Fire” paints a dark picture of the harsh realities of life in the midst of the Gold Rush and the events leading up to the Great Fire of 1863 in the Mile High City. It’s both a poignant historical fiction and a lavishly drawn graphic novella. 

Joonie and the Great Harbinger Stampede

Joonie and the Great Harbinger Stampede

Author: Daniel Landes

In the fertile crescent of folklore, the fruit of knowledge is plucked. At that same moment, on the other side of the world, a rabbit named Joonie is born, nearly lifeless. Nurtured by the Sun and the Moon, Joonie must grow to understand his destiny while thundering clouds of change gather across the front range and threaten existence itself.