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There are bombs over Gaza again are you watching? by Mohamed Hassan

I don’t like the post even though I’m tagged

in it, today I’m witless on a bus to meet a soul

mate who isn’t, in the most liveable city that

isn’t, wearing Nikes despite my best intentions

hey they’re anti-Trump but pro-sweatshops, it’s

five o’clock and I’m on the wrong bus home, the

cars pile up to flee the jaws of capitalism, thank

god it’s Friday but the bombs are still dropping

on a Palestine that isn’t, I am a reporter but feel

silent, making news about house prices and a US

president that isn’t, talking about a Muslim ban

that isn’t, I am a Muslim on a bus leaving Auckland

and I’m trying not to read the news, talk to friends

in Denver who pray in terminals not made for our

skin and I tweet about Kanye and check my follows

check my new shoes in the glass waiting for the

wrong bus, I wear Palestinian colours by accident

and no one notices, wear a beard by accident

and hope I don’t have to travel soon, watch the

skyline shrink and thank god for a hot meal and

Netflix, for a soulmate at a bus stop in a home that

isn’t, I don’t think about Israeli jets ruffling the nights

feathers, I don’t think about when my life is ending

I don’t think about where I’ll meet my soulmate

if my house is bombed, if my car explodes, if they build

walls in our living rooms and we have to hold hands

through the cracks, if we never see each other again

because of a security policy, though a small part of me wonders

if it would make breaking up easier



Mohamed Hassan is a poet and journalist from Auckland, New Zealand who is currently based in Istanbul. He’s a NZ National Slam Champion and his first collection of poetry, “A Felling of Things” was released in 2016.

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